Connecting Qnekt to regtest

Due to browser security settings, Qnekt needs to connect to Janus over https

With the Janus docker image there is a script that will auto generate self signed ssl keys

docker run --network=qtum -it --rm \
  --name janus_regtest \
  -v `pwd`/https:/https \
  -p 23889:23889 \
  --entrypoint /go/src/ \

This will drop two files in ./https/ and we need to configure Janus to read them.

docker run --network=qtum -it --rm \
  --name janus_regtest \
  -v `pwd`:/root \
  -p 23889:23889 \
  ripply/janus:latest \
  --bind --dev --qtum-rpc=http://qtum:testpasswd@qtumd_regtest:3889 \
  --https-key /root/https/key.pem --https-cert /root/https/cert.pem

Now, you need to allow self-signed cerficiates for localhost in your browser.

For Chrome, you can do this by setting a flag chrome://flags/#allow-insecure-localhost

You can switch networks from the top right drop down menu

After selecting regtest, you shold be good to go, you can monitor Janus logs for RPC requests

See Seeding regtest with Qtum on how to mine blocks to your regtest account.

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