QTUM Mobile Wallet

Getting started

Once we’ve installed our Qtum wallet either from the Apple App Store or Google Play store, we can open the wallet and we get this screen

Here we’re offered two options:

Create PIN

Once we create a new wallet, we’ll be asked to create a PIN. We can either use this PIN or use Touch ID which is offered on. the next screen.

Enable Touch ID

Touch ID is just a very cool feature to have, it’s secure and makes it faster to unlock your wallet, however you can choose not to use Touch ID and just use the pin code you’ll set up during the wallet creation.

These are our seed words, we need to make backup of these words in order to be able to restore our wallet in any situation. Please back these words up securely, paper backup is recommended, without these seed words, you will not be able to restore your wallet.

On this sample, we also copied the words directly from the wallet which allows us to store them in a notes app.

Once all this is done, we’re greeted with our Qtum wallet.

Qtum mobile wallet features

The Qtum mobile wallet has several features and functions, let’s get started with the basics.

My wallet

This is the first screen on our Qtum mobile wallet, it shows the following:

Receiving Qtum

Here we touch on the “+” sign on the left of our Qtum address to display the QR code

We can go back to the first screen by touching on “<” and this will allow us to look into the transaction we’ve received, the transaction screen shows all transactions and the origin/destination address

Sending Qtum


Next let’s explore the profile section, here we have several features from changing displayed language to backing up our wallets. Touch ID works both on Android* and iOS, here we can disable or enable Touch ID, change our PIN, hey ,we can even create our own Smart contracts from our Mobile phones!!!.

More updates coming soon…